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Comparison of machine learning methods in email spam detection

11 February, 2018

Unsolicited bulk emails, also known as Spam, make up for approximately 60% of the global email traffic. Despite the fact that technology has…

Painlessly storing security sensitive data using AWS KMS and OpenSSL

24 December, 2017

TL;DR: In this post, I am going to introduce a method using AWS KMS, envelope encryption and OpenSSL as an alternative for securing private…

Brexit: call for collaboration

14 December, 2017

Last month I found myself browsing through my abandoned git repositories and as it happened, I stumbled across one that caught my interest…

Introduction to logic programming with Prolog

27 November, 2017

I am a language addict ~ I love learning new languages, spoken ones and those you can do funny things with on a computer. As part of an MSc…

New Beginnings

13 November, 2017

Tada , I finally found the time to migrate my personal website to a bit more modern and feature-richer engine. The current version uses…

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